Twittering as a two way street

Grumpycat2This post marks the end of the marking period for my Rethinking Media subject. A huge thank you to everyone who participated to date with a shout out to Avril, Sarah and Sally for your thoughtful and though provoking comments on this blog. It had been an interesting couple of weeks building this blog and playing around with ideas for each post. I suspect that although this blog is a good start to build a community, it will take several months to build an audience beyond the classroom.

With that in mind, I’ll end with a post referencing Freakonomics podcast on whether Twitter is a two way street. Freakonomics’s twitter handle @freakonomics has to date 545,021 followers. Yet they don’t follow a single person on Twitter. This seems like a complete contradiction of how Twitter or  social media works, a bit of “I follow you, you follow me back” quid pro quo. Continue reading Twittering as a two way street