Sesame Street Hits ONE Billion Likes – Power of digital events

Thanks to Sarah of the Conversation by Design blog on this lovely little gem of the Count, counting all the way to one billion. Marking, Sesame Street’s historic place as the first non for profit Youtube channel to reach a billion. What’s remarkable about this is how illustrates the need to create digital events to celebrate digital milestones. Definitely not something that we’ve come across in previous media, where milestones are usually on the production of x years of TV, Radio etc rather than the number of people who are engaged with the media.

So is there a right and wrong way to celebrate milestone? This great blog post from Convince and Convert has a few pointers to share:

Milestone’s aren’t about you – they’re about your community.

Make your milestone about your fans by putting them in the spotlight, thanking them, and encouraging them to be part of the celebration.

Look to your fans for inspiration.

In lieu of crowdsourcing images, an effective way to validate your community is to produce content and hashtags aligned with how your company or brand plays a role in their lives. It will give your community something to rally around.

Goes to show that user generated content can be harnessed to create content as well as virality for a brand. This celebration of digital events is arguably unique to our emerging media.

7 thoughts on “Sesame Street Hits ONE Billion Likes – Power of digital events

  1. I love that it is an educational show/entertainment organisation that has been around for 44 years that is showing people how it is done in digital today. That’s kind of cool. Sesame Street has continually proven it can change with the times, stay relevant and evolve to meet the needs of the audience and the media they use.

    • It’s great isn’t it? In another topic in another discussion it would be interesting to see what kind of company DNA / structure / culture help to create this ongoing engagement. Regardless of the media Sesame Street managed to do it sooo well for almost half a century!

  2. Well what a treat – and what a relief: this delicious celebration of the Sesame Street Milestone also celebrates the durability of the Sesame Street characters and their ingenious approach to teaching numeracy. When the dust of the social media frenzy settles and the big kids have done flattening their fingers and thumbs messaging away all day and night, will they be using those same digits to teach their own little kids to count – or will they be too busy liking away to do the job themslves? Will the Count have his work cut out for him for many more generations?
    Love this blog!

    • Thanks Avril, love the ongoing feedback. As you said it is refreshing to see good content survives the medium. My thought is that parents will be teaching their kids how to count on their own little digital digits i.e. the iPad from this point onwards. Hopefully the Count will still be there regardless of what form he takes 🙂

  3. That video is great. And i loved the little snippets at the end, cookie monster and elmo singing. Sesame Street is so amazing. There’s so many children’s shows out there now and yet the oldest one remains on top. The ability to remain relevant and cross generations keeps it going, grandparents and parents turn it on, and children are happy to watch.

  4. Just goes to show that quality always wins in the end. This program has stayed relevant for a number of generations of kids … kudos to the creator. Simple idea well executed … lesson in there for PR professionals … keep to your essence, know what your audience wants and deliver it to them in the way/form they want it. Congrats to Sesame Street!

    • Indeed, it’s nice to see that the message withstood the test of time and managed to stay relevant, regardless of the media. Hoping that they will be around for a number of generations to come!

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