6 thoughts on “Kermit needs your bazillion likes

    • It also in a tongue in cheek way to highlight the digital obsession with “likes” as a measure of a digital campaign success. Especially when bazillion is a completely fiction number 🙂

  1. I can’t tell if that’s a joke or if they actually want a bazillion likes 😛

    Sesame Street had a slightly smarter way of looking at a similar objective – in their case, driving total views of their YouTube channel beyond one billion – http://mashable.com/2013/03/06/sesame-street-1-billion-youtube/

    They promised to reveal special content once this milestone was hit, and created clever little playlists that made it fun and easy to enjoy their videos. Great case study 🙂

    • Everyone wants a billion likes, it’s new billion don’t you know :P.

      Thanks so much for the Sesame Street link Sarah! It made me chuckle, but also beautifully illustrates the way likes now creates these artificial events to celebrate. Looking back 10-15 years ago, who would have thought that hitting a like milestone would be enough to create this much buzz!

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