And the vote is out

And so this is the world today #mediaprediction

Unless you slept through this entire weekend, you should be aware by now that Tonny Abbott is our new Prime Minister. What astounded me about this particular election was how blatant the media support had been for the Liberal party. The front cover from the Daily Telegraph the week before the election was incredibly telling about who the paper was betting on. It made me wonder, was the media picking up an existing sentiment or were they inflaming the public with their very pro Liberal stance. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “And the vote is out

  1. Thinking retrospectively on this, it’d be interesting to see if and how social commentary and sentiment changed around each respective party and leader in light of these sorts of “news” events and cover stories. I follow lots of tech inclined people, and when the Liberal’s internet filtering small print news came out, the reaction on social was loud and negative. Was this sort of sentiment shared in “traditional” media?

    A number of folk have spoken about Mr Abbott’s reticence to speak to media now that he’s elected. This could actually be a great opportunity for social to give (at least) the illusion of dialogue and make him seem more personable than he has been since taking the chair. Interesting considerations for a long term (rather than election driven) social media strategy for the party and its senior leaders.

  2. Just waiting for some clever polly to take a totally different tack with social media. For example, getting a couple of high school kids to do an ‘internship’ for thier work experience, and voice their views about the world of politics on an online forum hosted by that politician. Brave, inclusive, clever? what do you think?

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